7 Reasons Why Too Much Sitting Can Kill You

Modern televisions, computers, and automobiles have forced people to spend far longer sitting down than standing up.

This, eventually has serious consequences for the weight of individuals, the posture of many people, and ultimately the lifespan. 

Yes, sitting down could be killing you slowly. If not, it still could be having some serious health implications. The act of sitting may seem relatively harmless but it does too much damage to our overall health that we barely know of. 

Health Implications of  Too Much Sitting

There are many different reasons too much sitting is bad for you, we’ll start with some of the basic and obvious ones.

Chronic Disease

Those who sat for more than four hours a day were significantly more likely to have a chronic disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The more time they spent sitting, the more likely the subjects were to have a chronic disease of some sort, regardless of their body mass index or how much they exercised. 

Kidney Disease

Even controlling for physical activity and body mass index, those who sat less had lower risk of having chronic kidney disease. The effect was especially profound in women: When they cut down their sitting time from a full workday to only three hours, their risk fell by more than 30 percent. For men, the risk decreased by 15 percent.

Poor Mental Health

Sitting could be bad for your mind, too. According to self-reported survey data, watching TV, using a computer, driving, or sitting time outside of work was negatively associated with mental health for women. For men however got, sitting time at the computer negatively impacted their mental well-being.

Obesity And Metabolic Syndrome

Obese individuals sit 2.5 more hours a day than lean individuals, according to a November 2009 Obesity study. In turn, sitting more is associated with Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of factors -- like abdominal obesity, low levels of "good cholesterol," high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels or hyperglycemia -- that together put you at a higher risk for serious medical issues like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

Reduced Life Expectancy

By reducing "excessive sitting" to less than three hours a day, the U.S. life expectancy could increase by two years, according to a July 2012 study in BMJ Open. Reducing TV time to less than two hours a day would bump it up by 1.4 years. 

Death, Just Death. Soon.

For individuals 45 years and older regardless of sex, age and body mass, sitting puts you at a higher risk for mortality from all causes. People who sat more than 11 hours a day had a 40 percent higher risk of dying within three years. The risk of death was much lower for people who exercised five hours a week or more.

So please do yourself a big favor. Try getting out of your seat and do something that let you stand up for a long time. This may feel awkward, even downright strange at first, but it will help improve your health and even make you live longer.

(Source: MindBodyGreen)
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