7 Deadly Practices To Avoid During Periods

Most women suffer from lot of discomforts during their periods.

While there is no such thing as the perfect period, there are definitely factors that point to whether we are healthy. 

Our periods are always trying to send us messages, even if we aren't paying attention.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the regularity of our cycles that we forget to recognize the characteristics of our monthly menstruation.

Today we have rounded few things every women should NOT do during their periods and it will be better if you avoid them for few more days.

1. Avoid drinking tea
You will experienced a heavy flow at the most unsuitable time. Apparently, this is due to the tannins tea contains.

2. Avoid drinking cooling herbal tea
As a whole, Chinese believe that ladies should avoid taking cooling food and drinks during menstruation. So herbal tea and drinks like barley or chrysanthemum tea should be avoided.

3. Avoid eating certain fruits
Eating fruits like pineapples and water melons are considered a big no-no during that time of the month. Both fruits are considered “cooling” and pineapples in particular will increase the menstrual flow. 

4. Avoid eating chilled fruits, desserts and drinks
Ice creams, chilled desserts, canned drinks, etc are not to be taken at all. Apparently, they would cause cramps. 

5. Avoid washing your hair 
It may sounds ridiculous but washing your hq]r while on your period would increase menstrual cramps.

6. Avoid bathing in cold water
Again, anything cold is not good for women when they are menstruating. So besides avoiding cold food and drinks, one should also avoid bathing in cold water.

7. Avoid exercising
Some women take it to the extreme and avoid all exercises when they are having their menses. However,  one should only avoid strong, vigorous movement or exercise during menstruation. Apparently, those might aggravate cramps or cause heavier flow.

(Source: VivaWoman)

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