5 Foods You Need To Avoid For A Flatter Stomach

Carrying some extra pounds on the body comes from consuming more calories than you burn through exercise.

No foods specifically add fat to your belly. They add fat to your whole body, which includes your belly.

If you want a slimmer stomach, cutting calories and exercising are must-dos. But new research also shows some foods may have waist-shrinking and consequent health-boosting properties.

Likewise, avoiding specific foods will not just flatten your belly but other flabby ares on your body too.

Here’s who you can get your beach body by the summer:

Hot spices

Very hot spices can irritate your stomach and increase your acidity, making a mess out of your body. Use fresh, mild spices instead.


The human body doesn’t need milk, so you should avoid drinking it. Milk causes bloating and can harm your stomach if you’re lactose intolerant. Instead of milk, eat more cheese and yogurt.


Salt is permitted as long as it is consumed moderately. High sodium levels make the body retain water, and you don’t want that while you’re trying to get fit.


Bread, pasta and wheat-based meals upset and bloat your stomach. Instead of carbs, increase your protein intake.


Fruit is healthy and can help you lose weight if you take the right amount. Consume it moderately because a lot of fructose can upset your stomach. Eat normal amount of pears and apples every day and you’re good.

Keep in mind that drinking plenty of water is at the top of the list and needs to be your top priority.

You need to avoid coffee, sugar and processed foods. Make sure you eliminate all these foods and drinks from your diet if you’re trying to be fit.

(Source: MyHealthyTraining)
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