18 Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing Before You Reach 40

The notion that 'life begins at forty' is a 20th century one; prior to that it was more accurate to say 'death begins at forty' as most people didn't live much beyond that age.

It seems that on this age, you pictured out yourself having a perfect life as a successful wife, mother, business woman or whatever demanding expectations other put upon yourself when you were younger.

According to Heather Provino, CEO of the workplace wellness company Provant Health Solutions Inc., when you're in your 20s and 30s, you have forever.

But health and lifestyle errors can sneak up on you in midlife and, next thing you know, a routine checkup finds your blood pressure's up or your blood sugar's out of whack.

It turns out that when you reach 40, health issues will start compounding, leading to chronic conditions, like heart disease and diabetes.

Here are some common mishaps and tips to get you back on track.

1. Being addicted to your mobile phone

2. Not making sleep a priority

3. Skipping meals

4. Ignoring health warning signs

5. Sneaking a cigarette

6. Eating too much sodium

7. Being dehydrated all the time

8. Avoiding dairy products

9. Lying to your doctor about your health

10. Skipping the weight room

11. Not having sex

12. Sunbathing

13. Sipping sweet drinks

14. Eating too much processed food

15. Beigeing on alcohol

16. Friending" instead of socializing

17. Willing to discuss family health history

18. Not making time for preventive care

(Source: Health)
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