10 Weirdest Job But With High-Paying Salaries

It seems today we can pay people to do anything for us: walk our dogs, build our furniture or even organize our homes.

Besides the usual jobs we knew, it's surprising that there are so many weird jobs out there, most of which the majority of people have never even heard of but some of which you might actually be good at.

Sometimes it can be shocking to hear of certain jobs you never even thought existed and pays more than those who have normal jobs. 

Here are the 10 weirdest jobs with bigger pays you haven't probably heard of.

1. Professional Snuggler: $60 dollars per hour
Not to be confused with prostitution, snugglers simply give you a good snuggle for up to 90 minutes. For overnight snuggle sessions, the client is encouraged to bring their own snacks and entertainment.
2. Paper Towel Sniffer: $19,000 – $52,000
While the title sounds completely made up, it is a real job. Paper towel companies don’t want their products to have any distinct odor, whether good or bad, so they need people to do a sniff test for them.
3. Water Slide Tester: $30,000
These guys and gals travel around the world riding water slides all day long, then take a break by heading for the roller coasters.
4. S*x Toy Tester: $39,000
Manufacturers employ people working from home to, ahem, “test” out the equipment.
5. Pet Food Taster: $40,000
Pet food tasters make sure that the food our furry friends eat has a good flavor and contains all of the ingredients listed on the label.
6. Embalmer: $45,000
Embalmers prepares a person’s body for burial, and makes sure the deceased looks as attractive and life-like as possible. 
7. Crime Scene Cleaner: $50,000
If you don’t mind spending time around blood and corpses, this might just work for you. Crime scene cleaners go to work at crime scenes, after police have gathered all the evidence.
8. Bed Tester: $53,000
If you’re a naturally lazy person, this might be just the job for you. A typical workday consists of laying down on beds, all day long, to determine how comfortable they are.
9. Food Stylist: $33,000 – $58,000
Food stylists come in after the food is prepared and make it look like a delectable work of art.
10. Golf Ball Diver: $50,000 – $100,000
This one is exactly what it sounds like: Picking up golf balls from the bottom of a golf course’s water hazards.
(Source: FantasticPicturesHindig)
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