Why Holding Your Nose And Mouth During A Sneeze Is A Big No-No

If your one of those few people who have a habit of stifling your sneezes by quickly holding your nose and shutting your mouth, better think twice before doing it again. 

Holding a sneeze isn't a great idea. If you don't allow the pressure from a sneeze to come out of your nose and mouth like it's designed to, then that extra pressure is put elsewhere.

Sneezes have many purposes. It expel things from your nose that the body would rather not hang onto, like dust, infected mucus, or pollen.

A sneeze also pack a serious punch. Particles expelled from the mouth during a sneeze have been clocked at more than 100 miles per hour. 

Doctors says that it's important to note the difference between restraining the urge to sneeze and trying to stop a sneeze in progress.

Rubbing the nose, breathing forcefully through the nose, and pressing on the upper lip below the nose may relieve the urge to sneeze, but once the sneeze starts, it is usually best to just let it go.

So what might happen if you don't follow the doctor's advice?

These are the possible injuries that might occur if you hold your sneeze:

- cause injury to the diaphragm

- break a blood vessel in the white of the eye, causing bruising of the white part around the iris

- force air up the Eustachian tubes in your ears and cause a ruptured ear drum or an injury to the inner ear that could lead to vertigo or hearing loss

- weaken a blood vessel in the brain and cause it to rupture due to the momentary elevation of blood pressure

So when you feel a sneeze coming on in public, do not be shy, because the price that you might be paying is not worth it.

(Source: WebMD)
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