What's The Use Of This Small Pocket In Your Jeans

Jeans are easily one of the most universal pieces of clothing on Earth with millions of pairs being made, sold and wear by individuals every single day.

It's kinda difficult to find a garment as widely embraced, worn and loved the world over as jeans. 
Cowboys may wear them but so do supermodels, farmers, presidents and housewives.

Jeans mean different things to different people. For some they're comfortable, durable and easy - for others they're sexy and cool.

But as you wear one of this everyday, have you ever noticed the small rectangular pocket just above in one of the front pockets? If so, do you know what's the use of it? 

It’s certainly too small for coins and was around before the age of smart phones. However, in one of a Quora forum, jean and textile experts sought to answer this question.

User Renata Janoskova cited Levi Strauss, iconic American jeans brand, as having the answer to the mystery pocket.

According to a blog post on their website, the pocket is a “watch pocket”, small enough to keep a pocket watch. 

Renata expaned on this, explaining that Levis introduced the pockets to cater for cowboys pocket watches.

“Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waist costs. To keep them from getting broken, Levis introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch.”

Whilst some people kept their watches in their waistcoat pockets or inside their jacket pockets, jeans provided another option for convenient placement of these watches, kept separate from other pockets so that the clock face wouldn’t get scratched.

Since wristwatches have almost completely replaced pocket watches, the “watch pocket” in jeans has become obsolete. However, there are several modern uses for the watch pocket you can try for yourselves:

- Use it as a coin pocket: Although it’s a bit deep which makes it difficult to reach the small change you put in here, its depth also means that these coins won’t fall out very easily.
- Use it as a music player pocket: It’s great to hold a small ipod or mp3 player.
- Use it as a comb pocket: You can fit a small comb in there for any hair emergencies.
- Use it as a floss pocket: A small pack of floss can fit in there for spinach-in-teeth emergencies.
 - Use it as a mouth freshener pocket: A small pack of gum or mouth-freshener can fit in there.
(Source: Quora)
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