The Reason Why Most Men Lie

Since the beginning of time, romantic partners have been lying with each other. But most women admits that men are the only liars in a relationship. 

So why do men lies? It's the undying question that most women ask. When it comes to love, one expect an honest partner.
However, men lie for a variety of reasons, and some are the very same reasons women lie. In actuality, we all lie at times, so don’t be too hard on your man just yet.
They would lie even about smaller things which make you start to wonder if he lies about bigger things as well.

This tale of an honest man might suggest why most men lie. 

A carpenter named Joel was once building his house beside a river while all of the sudden his hammer unexpectedly fell to the deep river.
After crying of much despair, a guardian angel appeared and wanted to help him.
The guardian angel dived into the river and got a gold hammer which Joel refuses to be his. The angel dived again and brought a silver hammer, but again Joel said it wasn't his hammer.
So the guardian angel was amaze of Joel's honesty and dived for his true hammer and gave him the other two.
Days past, when Joel and his wife were walking past the river when the woman accidentally fell to the river.
As expected, the guardian angel appeared once again and said that she will help Joel.
She dived and brought a celebrity named Sam Pinto which Joel immediately identified as his wife.
The angel became furious with his lie. But then, Joel had a reason why he did it.
He said, "I'm really sorry, my guardian angel. If I didn't lie and tell you she was not my wife, you'll dive again and bring Megan Fox. And then again, if I refuse, you'll get my wife. Because I'm honest as what you've said, you will let me keep the three girls to be my wives.

"I am not that rich and I cannot have three wives at the same time, so that's why I told you that Sam Pinto is my wife"

Moral of the story:
Men only lie because of a good and noble reason. So don't judge.
(Source: SocialTrendsPh)
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