Salt Versus Sugar: Which Is The Real Enemy Of Our Body

Salt and sugar are already part of our daily meals. Both are main condiments used to enhance the flavor of our foods. 

But a recent debate has started in the science community about whether salt or sugar is more dangerous for our well-being.

There is no doubt that both are not healthy. But science claims that salt is not worse than sugar. Actually sugar is more harmful as it increases the negative effects of salt.

A recent research of a team of doctors from St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute together with health experts from Montefiore Medical Center run some tests on animals and humans and the effect of sugar on their health. They concluded the following:

- Due to the negative effect of various types of sugar in the body, they found that fructose is extremely harmful when it comes to our health.

- Fructose causes heart problems and high blood pressure.

- The experts discovered that fructose harms the heart and cause hypertension more than salt.

- They also found that lowering your salt intake may actually harm your health.

This discovery is quite shocking as for many years we were told to reduce the salt intake. The reason behind this discovery is that reduced salt intake will cause cravings for more food- especially if salt is consumed through processed food.

Experts are now suggesting that cutting down on sugar can reduce the risks of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Sugar increases the insulin level which may cause activation of sympathetic nervous system. 

This will accelerate the heart rate, increase blood pressure and constrict your blood vessels. 

It is more important to reduce sugar intake, especially the one found in sweetened beverages. 

So stop consuming sodas which contain a lot of artificial sugar. Other rich sources of sugar are:

- Cakes
- Ketchup
- Biscuits
- Yogurt
- Beer

Vegetables and fruits also contain sugar especially fructose, but experts think that naturally occurring sugars are not harmful.

Some researchers still believe that high blood pressure and heart disease patients should reduce the level of both sugar and salt to decrease the risk of these medical condition

To be safe, the allowed daily doses for sugar and salt are 1.6g and 25g respectively.

(Source: StethNews)
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