How To Regrow Over-Plucked Eyebrows More Faster and Easier

Eyebrows complete our facial look and are an important feature of the face. You should know that the size, shape and color of your eyebrows have a huge impact on your face. 
Thick, well-shaped eyebrows can really enhance your eyes and give your face a better shape in general. Thus, having thick eyebrows is very much “in” this season. 
So if you ever over-plucked your eyebrows before and you desired a more thicker one now, here's a few ways to regrow it back. 
1. Leave Them Alone
If you want to regrow your eyebrows you must stay away from wax and tweezers. This is not an easy thing as they will start growing everywhere but if you are persistent and you stop tweezing them for one year you will be able to get better results.
2. Follow the Row Method
If you don’t want to stop tweezing your brows, you can try to tweeze them in rows. With this method you will need to leave the hairs closest to your brow to grow and pluck the others. After they grow you will move on to the next row. Do this until you are satisfied with their new look.
3. Exfoliate To Stimulate
If you want fuller and thicker brows you can exfoliate the hairs with a soft toothbrush.
4. Brow Razors Are Your Friend
According to esthetician Natasha Johnny you can also use brow razors which can stimulate and accelerate the process.
5. Serum
If natural growth is not the right option for your eyebrows, then you may buy some serum. There are various products on the market which are designed for eyebrows and eyelashes.
6. Fill Them In Yourself
At the end, you can also apply a little bit of makeup. It is easy and you don’t need expensive products or brushes. You can try with brow wax mixed with powder, or with brow pencil or gel.

(Source: Wittyfeed)
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