Heal Bruises And Black Eyes More Faster With These Natural Remedies

Back when you were a dynamic child, you must have officially accomplished some color imprints called bruises due to exciting games you played before or an accidental bump while walking inside your house.

Bruises or contusion are purplish, red or black-blue spots on the skin produced by a harm without bringing on any break in your skin, the reason why the broken veins & vessels are not releasing the blood out of your skin.

It only takes minutes for your skin to turn dark with bruise after a hard hit, but the spot takes a couple of days to fade away. You may also feel pain and inflammation on the affected area.

If managed properly, a nasty bruise can go away in just a few short days by diligently apply the techniques outlined below. Read on to find out how you can use home remedies and medicated creams to reduce the appearance of your bruise.

Top Foods to Heal Bruises Fast

1. Green leafy vegetables – Provide vitamin K, essential for blood clotting.
2. Citrus fruit and other colorful fruits and veggies – Citrus provides Vitamin C and bioflavonoids that help with wound healing.
3. Wild-caught fish – Essential fats are critical to help rapidly heal wounds.
4. Zinc – The chemical reactions necessary to promote wound healing require zinc. To increase your intake of zinc, add oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds, and spinach to your diet.
5. Clean lean protein – Protein is necessary to rebuild busted blood vessels. Aim for at least 4-5 oz per meal daily.

Avoid these foods that delays the healing of bruises:

Sugar – Reduces the healing of tissues and promotes inflammation.

Trans fats – Promote inflammation and decrease healing.

Processed foods – May contain chemicals and dyes which can slow wound healing.

White and wheat products – Can act as anti-nutrients pulling nutrients out of your body.

Bruises heal in around 12-15 days. However, if you follow the below listed remedies on how to get rid of bruises quickly, you can even chuck them out overnight.

(Source: Healthtips)
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