9 Things Your Body Is Telling You That Something's Wrong With Your Health

When things go awry, our body doesn’t just shut down without warning. Instead it sends us little signals letting us know that something is wrong.

Our bodies give us warning signs of waning health long before we get thwacked with potentially life-threatening illnesses.

It's important to listen to our body and notice anything that's different, odd, or unexplainable. 
lthough many of these symptoms could be caused by less serious conditions, they're worth getting checked out if they persist.

Here are 9 important signs that your body tells you about your health condition:

1. Gaining weigh around the waist
It can put you at risk of developing diabetes.

2. Yellow spots around your eyes and/or your elbows 
This is a condition known as xanthelasma and is due to fatty deposits just under your skin. It can be sign that your cholesterol level is raised.

3. Darker circles around your eyes
Though not getting enough sleep can contribute to this, dark circles could also be due to allergies and frequently itching the eyes or rubbing the nose. 

4. Itchy feet
The damp environment can increase fungal infections, causing the feet to itch. You may notice a white scaly or damp rash in between your toes or under the feet. 

5. Cracks at corners of your mouth
This is when your body don't have enough B vitamins and iron. Once dry and cracked, this can become infected. Topical treatment and moisturising usually clears it up.

6. Very itchy rash
Especially if it doesn’t improving despite using creams available over the counter, this can be a gluten-sensitivity condition whereby the body reacts to the gluten protein in food. This affects the lining of the gut, making it difficult to absorb nutrients. The skin can therefore be affected.

7. Thinning hair
This is a sign that you don't have enough iron. This can be problematic for women especially because they lose iron monthly and therefore can become anemic. Having a thyroid problem can also affect the hair.

 8. Brittle nails
This usually happens when you expose your nails to wet, damp conditions or frequently use nail polish. It can sometimes be a sign of a fungal infection, psoriasis, thyroid problems, or arthritis.

9. Constipation
This is your body telling tha you need fibre and water in your diet. We need both insoluble and soluble fibres  to prevent constipation and help decrease cholesterol levels.

(Source: NaturalMedicineBox)
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