3 Most Effective And Cost-Free Home Remedies For Grey Hairs

The aging of skin and greying of hair are the two most evident signs of aging.

Hair greying is a natural process, and appearance of grey hair from mid-40s is normal. 

But it turns into a nightmare, especially for women when they find a strand of grey or white hair peeping from amidst the black ones as early as in their 20s or 30s.

Hair turns grey when the body stops producing the pigment melanin that is responsible for the dark color of hair.

It is best to treat this problem with effective home remedies that have absolutely no side effects.

1. Make Hair Tonic with Coconut Oil-Curry Leaves
You will need:
• Coconut Oil- 100 ml
• Curry Leaves- a handful of them; you may also increase the amount.
- Mix curry leaves with coconut oil.
- Boil them together. When the leaves turn black, put off the flame.
- Strain the oil and store in an air tight container.
- Apply this oil to your hair daily at night and massage your scalp (only scalp) with fingers gently.
- Massage for about 15-20 minutes. Leave it overnight and wash off your hair the next morning.
- Use this oil for at least 3 months to get results.

2. Create Sesame-Carrot Wonder for Changing Gray Color of Your Hair
You will need:
• Sesame Oil
• Carrot Juice
(both sesame oil and carrot juice should be in equal amount. For example 1 glass each or 100 ml each)
• Fenugreek seed powder- Half the amount of oil and juice 

- Mix sesame oil, carrot juice and fenugreek seeds powder in a clear bottle, jar, bowl or any other container
- Keep the mixture in sun for 21 days.
- Apply the resultant oil mixture after 21 days on your scalp and hair.
- Use this for at least 3 months.

3. Get Buttermilk to Prevent White Hair
You will need:

• Buttermilk – ½ cup
• Curry leaves juice- ½ cup
- To make curry leaves juice, you can simply grind the leaves and squeeze out their juice.
- Buttermilk can also be made at home by churning plain yogurt with warm water and then removing the frothing butter from it.
- Mix curry leaves juice and buttermilk.
- Boil the mixture on low flame for 5 minutes. Let it cool to become lukewarm.
- Apply this lukewarm buttermilk-curry leaves juice mixture on your scalp. Leave for half an hour. Wash hair with lukewarm water.

Apart from applying the above home remedies for preventing gray hair, it is also important not to use harsh chemicals on your hair.

Avoid using shampoos and other hair products that contain such chemical ingredients and go for natural hair products.

(Source: RapidHomeRemedies)
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