11 Lies Men Usually Tell Their Girls And What They Really Mean

It is clearly in a human being’s nature to lie. We do it to save ourselves from awkward and/or embarrassing situations, we do it to make someone feel better or worse.

As much as we do not like to admit it, lying can be both good and bad, it all depends on the situation you are in at the moment.

People in relationships have found that lying has both helped and hindered their relationship; mostly helped as it ends up smoothing over a potential bad situation. 

You cannot deny that when someone is lying to make their significant other feel good about themselves or shield them from a negative situation, one cannot help but feel like they did the right thing.

There are a few common lies that men use to keep their relationships on the up. These lies are usually about what they do when they are not around their girlfriend, or lies that make her feel like she is the sexiest thing on the planet.

Here is a list of little white lies that some men commonly tell their significant others:

1. “I’m not lost.”
What he really means: He’s lost but he doesn’t want to ask for directions.

2. “I don’t even care about your ex.”
What he really means: He cares. He cares a lot.

3. “I swear, I didn’t know my ex was going to be there.”
What he really means: He probably knew she was going to be there, he just didn’t want to fight with you.

4. “What, this watch? My mom gave it to me.”
What he really means: It was a gift from an ex-girlfriend, but it’s really nice so he don’t want to stop wearing it.

5. “You don’t need makeup.”
What he really means: You’re already late and he knows it takes you at least thirty minutes to put your face on.

6. “It’s just gonna be a guys night, babe, don’t worry.”
What he really means: What do guys do when they’re together? Oh yeah, troll for chicks.

7. “I’m not even going to drink that much.”
What he really means: He hasn’t gone out with his friends since you came into the picture, so yeah, he’s going to.

8. “I’m too tired to come over.”
What he really means: He’s choosing video games over you, rude.

9. “You’re right.”
What he really means:You’re wrong, but he knows this is the only way to shut you up.

10. “I don’t even think about other girls.”
What he really means: Of course he thinks about other girls, but he’s choosing to be with you. Stop being crazy.

11. “I love cuddling with you.”
What he really means: You take up all blankets, your hair is always in his face, and his arm is always falling asleep. He doesn’t love it, but he does it because he knows you do.

These little white lies aren’t hurting anyone, so what’s the big deal? If you’re in a relationship, chances are a few of the things your boyfriend tells you aren’t 100% true, but don’t freak out! 

It’s okay as long as he isn’t cheating on you. So they’re completely harmless.

(Source: Radioone)
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