You Will Not Use Cotton Swabs On Your Ears Again After Reading This

Earwax is one of those annoying problems of life that we have to deal with. 

The human body produces ear wax as a protective measure, keeping out bacteria, bugs, and dirt. 
So, ear wax is actually a GOOD thing! It's there to protect your inner ears, however, too much of this gunk is produced and when that happens, you have two choices: suffer from deafness or simply clean your ears.

The choice is simple. But, you only get rid of earwax if there is too much of it. An excess of ear wax can increase the presence of bacteria in your ears, making it more likely that you will suffer ear infections. It can also affect your hearing negatively. 

What's the best way to clean your ears?

We've been taught that cotton swab is the best thing to use in cleaning those filthy wax. But did you know using cotton swabs is actually BAD for your ears?

Human ears are designed to be self-cleaning. Since ear wax is produced in the outer third of your ear canal, and it's the ear's self-cleaning mechanism. The fine hairs in your ear canal move the wax outward, pushing the wax and dead skin cells OUT of your ear. 

Healthy ear canals will be able to clean themselves.

On the surface, this seems like a simple and effective cleaning method, but if you were to look inside your ear with a magnifying glass, you'd see that you're not really removing the ear wax - you're pushing it deeper inside.

At the beginning, it is just a small quantity of ear wax around the ear canal. But the more you push the ear wax deeper into your ear, the more wax builds up. Eventually, you've pushed so much wax into your ear that you have a big glob deep in the ear canal, and you can block the canal completely - leading to reduced hearing.

Every time you push the wax deeper, you risk damaging your external ear canal. There is also a chance (albeit a small one) that you will rupture your eardrum, a VERY fragile membrane. 

If you're using cotton swabs, ONLY clean the outer third of your ear (where the ear wax is produced)
Now that you know the truth about cleaning your ears, it's vital that you take precautions to do so wisely and safely. Use the right at-home cleaning methods, or visit your doctor for a professional ear wash.

(Source: HealthyHearing)
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