Why You Need To Stop Consuming Pork And The Dangers It May Bring

You might enjoy eating pork in your meal, but here is a thing you need to remember - just say no to ‘pork' and you will get some valid reasons to do so.

It is not surprising that in some religions the consumption of port meat is prohibited. It is not actually a religious thing, but it is directly related to your health. 

A recent study conducted to know how big the danger of eating pork can cause, may support this belief. 

Consumer Reports did an examination to about 500 meat samples and turns out that 69% of it had been adulterated by dangerous chemicals and bacteria. 

As we all know, pigs are considered as scavengers, which means that they eat practically everything, even spoiled sustenance, urine, feces and dangerous growths.

The digestive system of pigs cannot eliminate aggregated poisons, because pigs process their food in 4 hours. This is long enough to uproot the amount of poisons that have been ingested. Poisons are later stored in fat cells and organs in the animal itself.

Many parasites, infections and other creatures thrive in pigs, and most of these can be directly transmitted to people.

The research found out that Yersinia enteroclitica, a dangerous microorganism that causes fever, gastrointestinal sickness, diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps had been detected on some of the samples.

Additional findings says that Ractopamine contaminant was found, a questionable medication that is banned in Europe and China and it's said that it causes death when consumed.

Apart from this, Trichinella was present as well. It is a parasitic roundworm that causes discomfort, edema, fever and myalgia. It also causes chills, migraine and excessive sweating to the human being after consumption.

A microorganism called Taenia solium already present in the intestines area of the pigs can lead to tissue contamination along with the loss of appetite.

To avoid getting some of this unwanted health issues, it is recommended to cook the meat on high temperature as it will help to kill the intestinal parasites and infections present in pig’s body which is responsible for several diseases.

(Source: HealthandLovePage)
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