Tilapia-Flavored Ice Cream From The Philippines Became A Hit World Wide

Tilapia, one of the most common fares on Filipino families’ dinner table, is now a dessert.
Researchers at Central Luzon State University (CLSU) have produced an ice cream flavor featuring tilapia, but without any disagreeable fishy taste and smell.
The flavor is the result of a study by professor Rana Vera Cruz of the College of Home Science and Industry along with Terese Abella and Ravelina Velasco of the CLSU Freshwater Aquaculture Center.
"Our tongue can feel the flakes but there’s no aftertaste of fish,” said Vera Cruz.
The fishy taste  crossed out by the other ingredients like walnut (which can be substituted by peanut), cream and cheese.
The tilapia ice cream was a hit when it was presented and offered for tasting during the Tilapia Food Festival at the CLSU.
Among those who relished cones of this unusual ice cream flavor were participants in the Philippine Fisheries Research Forum also held in the university.
Those who tasted the ice cream said they loved what was served them.
From the traditional chocolate and fruit, CLSU researchers have lately experimented with malunggay and spicy chili flavors.
In preparing tilapia ice cream, the researchers used tilapia fillet, all-purpose cream, condensed and fresh milk, chopped walnut and diced cheese.
The steps in making the ice cream are as follows:
1. Steam the fillet first.
2. Chop the walnut and dice the cheese then set aside. Beat the all-purpose cream at medium speed and then add the condensed and fresh milk while stirring.
3. Flake the steamed tilapia fillet, add to the mixture, and continue beating until thick and fluffy.
4. Add the walnut and cheese while continuously beating until completely incorporated into the mixture.
5. Stir the mixture slowly while cooling in order to incorporate air and prevent large ice crystals from forming.
6. Finally, freeze overnight.
You can indulge this dessert best with sugar wafer cone, according to the Vera.

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