These 10 Signs Of A Fatal Disease One Should Not Ignore

Detecting early signs is the best way to treat and cure bad diseases. 

Some signs are quite commonly experienced, yet a large number of people still ignores them, thinking that there's no consequences about it or just scared what they might find out.

Here are the 10 signs that your body's way of telling you something might be wrong.

1. Whites of the eyes
White of the eye must always be white, no matter what. If it is red, you should be worried. You can have an allergic reaction, a reaction to stress or a viral infection.

2. Grey hair before 35
May indicate diabetes, many stressful years, and may be genetic…

3. Too many moles
Some of them are 100% safe, but some of the moles may indicate skin cancer … you should check them to make sure that the moles are harmless.

4. Dry, chapped lips
It may be caused by periodic changes in body temperature, or in more severe cases may be due to the lack of vitamin B, C or zinc. It can be caused by fungal infection as well.

5. Swollen neck
It usually appears in women in their 30s. This condition can be caused by infection or a sore throat, but also, swollen neck can be caused by changes in the thyroid gland, and must be checked by your doctor!

6. Red palms
It can be an allergic reaction or in some severe cases may indicate liver problems.

7. Loss of eyebrows
If you begin to lose your eyebrows, it probably means you have a problem with the functioning of the thyroid gland.

8. Cold feet
Have you heard of “Raynaud’s disease “? “Raynaud’s disease” is an autoimmune disease, a common condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body as the feet, nose and ears which makes them cold.

9. Red facial skin
It can be caused by changes in body temperature, but in some cases it can be linked with hormonal changes, mainly in women.

10. Nail changes
Nail changes show the general state of your body. When your nails are too white at the edges, it is a sign that your body lacks calcium.

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