The Reason Why We Feel Bloated And How To Improve It

Bloating usually occurs after a heavy meal in is quite common condition lately. There are people who feel bloated most of the time. 

The good news is that the reasons why we feel bloated was finally determined, and with this, it is now easy to search for cures and treatments that could lessen the bloating of your tummy.

Know these 5 reasons why you are bloated and help improve yourself from this curable problem.

Constipation is the problem if you stop feeling bloated after you empty your bowels. This happens because gases are trapped behind the feces and to improve the situation you need to start consuming food rich in fiber. But be careful, start consuming fiber gradually because you can worsen the situation otherwise. Also try consuming more berries and replace the white bread with whole grain bread. Smoothies are recommended too.

Consuming excessive amount of carbs can cause bloating. Start consuming low-carbs foods. Instead sugar and alcohol eat fruits and vegetables.

You are too stressed
Stress may cause bloating -confirmed some studies. Digestive function is reduced when people are under stress. Constipation and stomachache can cause bloating. Get rid of stress and the problem will disappear.

You do not drink enough water
If you are not hydrated you may have many health problems. Alcohol and coffee cause dehydration and if you consume them drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. When you don’t enter enough water than the body uses the liquid it can find. Fluid retention also causes bloating so start drinking more water immediately.

You eat too fast
Avoid eating too fast if you don’t want to feel bloated. When you eat too fast you don’t chew the food and it can’t be digested properly. Try to eat small bites because is very important.

There are many causes of bloating that a doctor is looking for, and this is usually a very treatable condition. It is not normal to need to loosen your pants every night after dinner, or to be too bloated at the end of the day to go out and socialize.

We hope that this brief article had given you a starting point to improve your digestive health.

(Source: HealthyFoodTeam)
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