The Hidden Dangers Of Putting Your Phone Inside Your Pocket

Nowadays, everyone carries their phone around in their pocket as phones are the best and very accessible way in reaching out families and friends especially when there is an emergency.

But do you know that it is in your pocket the WORST place to store your cell phone?

Everybody knew that cell phones are dangerous, but few are aware that storing them in some places could be more dangerous. 

Cell phones emit harmful rays and keeping them always with you might damage the body than others. They can also cause cancer.

So, it is important to keep it away from the exposure of your body, especially when it is switched on. Thus, carrying a mobile in a pocket can be the worst place to store a phone.

According to Nikolai Kononov, the vice president of the ″ League of the Nation`s Health″, prolonged use of smartphones can damage your central nervous system. The main target of the electromagnetic waves from the cell phones is exactly the central nervous system.

This is very serious issue because the central nervous system is the chief controller of everything that happens in the human body.

Moreover, carrying cell phones every time is believed to be caused some long health diseases, such as:

1. Kill Sperm
As we all know that the cell phones emit electromagnetic radiations which are damaging the body. Keeping it inside pocket and using it regularly can cause the brain tumors, cancer and sperm damage.

2. Destroys Sense
The regular use of cell phone is not safe for the human body, as it might cause serious brain damage. Thus, it is good to use a hand free set like- Bluetooth etc. for communication. Otherwise the radiations emitted by it enter into the brain directly that might cause serious mind disorder.

3. Risk to Children
People, who expose their children to cellphone emission at an early age, are 50 percent more likely to have a child with behavioral problems. Always maintain some distance between electronic and children.

The best thing to do is try to limit the time you spend on your gadget as much as possible. Learn to keep your mobile device away from your pocket or anywhere near your body because it can damage your reproductive and endocrine system. So, when you don`t use it, place it in the bag or anywhere where it will not be close to your body.

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