The Dangers Of Prolonged Sitting In Front Of Your Computers

By now, you already know that prolonged sitting is bad for your body. But what exactly goes on when you sit for hours every day?

A new study links sitting for prolonged periods of time to increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death -- even in people who get regular exercise.

The researchers found that the people who exercised generally faced lower risks of these health conditions than those who didn't exercise. But exercising did not completely counteract the risks that came with sitting for a long time. 

From organ damage and muscle degeneration to foggy brains and higher mortality risk, it's not a pretty picture. 
According to the statistics, there is at least one computer in 90 % of the homes, and about 80% of the Americans use the Internet daily. Researchers say that the number of Internet users increases for about 10 million every year.

Health specialists explain that about 40% of their patients experience problems with the back as a result of spending long hours on the computer and improper sitting.
Thousands of people seek for medical help every day, and most of them have a job that requires working on a computer for 8 or more hours every day. This problem especially affects children younger than 18, which develop severe spinal deformations, like scoliosis and kyphosis

Unfortunately, 5 year old children affect their physical development by watching cartoons or playing games on the computer.
Specialists also explain that you have a higher risk of serious damages that affect the neck joints and spine,if you work on your computer for more than two hours. Most people eventually end up struggling with pain that is hard to treat and taking medications for the whole life.

An infographic from Washington Post will show you how dangerous it is seating in front of the computer and working until late hours. It also offers options such as sitting on an exercise ball chair,stretching your hips three minutes per side every day, and, of course, switching between standing and sitting throughout the day.

(Source: MayoClinic)
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