Shape Your Eyebrows Within Five Minutes Without The Pain And Hassle

Eyebrow is an essential part of facial beauty. A well-shaped eyebrows improves the face presentation and helps you to look good.

Most women use tweezers to shape their brows but for those who can't bear the pain of hair being plucked from their eyebrows, they prefer shaving.

The tweezing can lead to ingrown hairs. If your hair follicles break underneath the skin during the tweezing process then it can create a red bump.

It can also permanently damage the follicles which are helpful for hair growth. This means your eyebrow hair may not grow back at all.

Below, we discuss to you how to easily shape your eyebrows without bearing too much pain. You may want to draw the shape you want to achieve with the help of an eyebrow pencil and you can apply also ice or cold water to make the area numb.

1. Take a piece of thread. It's ends should be tied together to form a loop. Beyond the knot cut off the extra string. One part of the thread should be held with one hand and the opposite with the other.

2. The hand which doesn’t hold the knot should be twisted five to six times while the other part of the thread is held firmly(to prevent the knot from getting in the middle of the string)You should make the shape of an hour glass or infinity.

3. Practice the opening and closing technique which resemble scissors with opening the one hand and closing the other simultaneously. The hair will be removed by the twisted, middle part of the tread.

4. Place your hands in a way they are away from the face and are positioned over one eyebrow. The triangle of the thread should be placed so that the hair is in the thread. Pull against the direction of the hair growth in a way you move the triangle opposed to the side of the hair growth.

5. Close the hand which controls the triangle around the hair and in the same time open the other hand. Check if the thread is still on the skin and rapidly make the motion on the opposite side to pull the hair out.

It needs to be practiced but once you learn it you will never stop doing it.
The process of threading is quite simple and can be used to remove the unwanted hair from eyebrow area or any other body part. It is widely used for both men and women.

(Source: HealthyFoodTeam , Youtube)
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