How To Survive A Car Crash With These 5 Simple Steps

A car accident is one of the most dangerous things the average person will come in contact with during their life. 

This is a personal crisis for you, your passengers, the other motorists involved in the accident, as well as family and friends. 

If it is not your fault and your hurt there are several do's and don'ts you must do to protect yourself.

Follow this expert advice to ensure you minimize issues with auto insurance companies, medical insurance claims and any lawsuits that are filed.

Wear a Seatbelt
The single most effective way to prevent injury in the event of a traffic collision is wearing your seat belt. Your seat belt will prevent your body from being thrown about the cabin, either forward into the steering wheel or laterally into the adjacent seats. Your seat belt can and will save your life. In fact, seat belts reduce injuries and death by 50 percent.

Drive the Speed Limit
If you are going to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are generally at less risk of injury the slower that you are going. This is because the kinetic energy involved in the collision is less than if you are traveling at a higher rate of speed. The energy in a crash is absorbed and dissipated by your vehicle; if the energies involved are too great to be properly absorbed, they will be transferred to your body in the form of G-forces, where they can result in injury or death. Reduce the energies involved in your accident by driving slowly.

Sit Upright in Your Seat
Your seat belt is designed to work properly only when you are sitting upright in your seat. If you are leaning forward on your steering wheel or dash, or you are leaning back at an extreme angle, then your seat belt can't do its job of retarding your body's motion in the event of an accident. In a collision, your body will continue moving in the direction that your vehicle was traveling unless there is something in place to prevent this motion – that device is your seat belt.

Drive a Safe Car
Driving a safe vehicle can go a long way towards helping you survive an accident unscathed. Not all vehicles are created equally. In fact, some vehicles that you may assume to be safe might not be. When considering vehicle safety, the most important considerations are crumple zones, safety cells, seat belts, and air bags – not how big or sturdy a vehicle might look. Suffice to say, you could do worse than choosing from among the safest cars for sale. When buying a vehicle, take safety into consideration.

Remove Loose Items from Your Car
Just as your body will move about the cabin in an accident if you are not properly secured, so too will loose items. Remove loose items from the cabin and place them in the trunk if you must have them in your vehicle. 

Any item in your vehicle's cabin that is left unsecured can strike you in the event of an accident. The heavier the object is, the greater chance it has of causing injury should it come into contact with your body. The risk may be minor but is it a risk you're willing to take?

(Source: StethNews)
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