Does Stress Really Shortens Our Life Span By 4 Years?

While worrying may seem harmless and as nothing more than an annoyance for the person being overly worried about, it is actually quite dangerous in terms of health.
Most people are already aware that stress and anxiety have severe effects on people's health. Because of this it stands to reason that anyone who is constantly worried may be a higher risk for health complications as a result of stress.

There is such a wide variety of negative health effects caused by stress that it is almost impossible to list all of them. To put it quite simply, stress affects every area of your life.
Studies have shown that people who are chronic worriers are prone to many undesirable side effects as a result. In fact, there is even research to support the idea that chronic worrying may actually shorten a person's lifespan.

The greater the level of psychological distress, the more likely a person was to die of heart disease, cancer or even external causes of death like accidents and injuries.
The research also indicates that chronic stress like the kind we experience in high stress occupations actually erodes and damages critical parts of our DNA over time. This damage and erosion can increase our odds of living a shorter life span.

Those under chronic stress exhibited shortened telomeres. Telomeres are the protective edges that bind the ends of DNA strands together. The damage of these telomeres leads to errors in how the DNA instructs cells to behave, so their length is directly tied to our longevity.

The shortening and damage of these mechanisms leads to a heightened potential for mutations in otherwise healthy cells and genes. When our genetic code and transmission is broken, it means our bodies have a higher likelihood of cancer and other life shortening diseases and generally poor health.
The evidence shows that stress can actually shorten your life span by as much as four to eight years depending on how you handle it and your genetic predispositions and general health.

Not only does stress facilitate damaged DNA and shorten life spans. It can also literally make you get sick a lot more often than you should. Stress also damages the chromosomes and mechanisms responsible for the health and functionality of your immune system.

When our immune system is compromised, it's easy to catch every little virus that comes along. It also makes it harder for our bodies to fight off disease and cancer since our immune cells are our front line defense against all things unhealthy.

Exercise and a healthy diet can help offset some of the damage done by stress, but chronic and heavy stress is a hard thing to completely overcome by lifestyle alone.

(Source: TheAtlantic)
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