8 Surprisingly Uses Of Coffee Besides A Morning Booster

There really can't be any adult in this big world that has never tried coffee. Judging by the amount of coffee shops in different countries, we love to consume it every morning.

And that's fine. Coffee can be pretty amazing for your brain, your skin and your body. However, a cup of coffee in the morning may pack more than just an energy boost. 

Here are the 8 other uses of coffee that might surprise you:

1. Reduces headache
A clinical trial found that caffeine, which reduces the swelling of blood vessels, can reduce both the intensity and frequency of headaches. 

2. You can fix furniture
Mix 2-3 tablespoons with just enough water to make a thick paste; for wood with red tones, add a few drops of iodine. Put the paste on a small putty knife and use it to fill the crack. Let the paste dry completely, then buff with furniture wax.

3. Car cleaner
To keep your car smelling fresh and clean, place a small open container filled with freshly ground coffee beans where it won't get knocked over. The grounds will absorb any strong odors you bring into the car, the smell of fast food, for example.

4. Speed up composting
Pour on coffee to increase the bacterium population and help both soil and compost break down faster.

5. Plant fertilizer
Dig about 3/4 cup of grounds into the soil near the roots, repeating once a month. Fertilizing even acid-loving plants with coffee grounds too frequently could increase soil acidity to undesirable levels.

6. Eliminate pet odors
Heating a cupful of freshly ground coffee beans in a cast-iron skillet over low heat. As soon as the scent is released, remove the pan to the smelly room and set it on a trivet. By the time the ground beans are cool, much of the pet odor should be gone.

7. Clean your face
Studies found that you can exfoliate your skin with coffee grounds. Rub the moist grounds in gently to get rid of dead skin, then rinse.

8. You can get glossier hair
Applying "extra-strong" coffee to your hair while it's dry and clean will make it shinier. Keep the coffee in for about 20 minutes, then rinse. Repeat for seven days to get the best results.

(Source: RD)
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