Must Share. Tooth Decay: A Silent Killer

Tooth decay is one of the most common of all diseases, especially on childrens, just second  to the common cold.

It affects more than one-fourth of children ages two to five, half of those ages twelve to fifteen, and more than 90 percent adults over age 40.

The idea that tooth decay can be life threatening may seem absurd at first, but there's evidence to suggest that what goes on inside your mouth may have far-reaching implications for your whole body health.

If tooth decay is left untreated, in extreme and rare cases it can cause death. The infectious process is caused by acid-producing bacteria.

Infection like in an upper back tooth can spread to the sinus behind the eye, and can enter the brain which can be fatal. 

For some time, scientists have been seeing also a statistical correlation between poor oral health and heart disease.

There are other statistical links, too, including associations between poor oral health and stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, some cancers, diabetes, respiratory infections and pregnancy problems.

There are a couple of theories that may explain why there's a link between heart disease and gum disease.

In one, oral bacteria get into the bloodstream through sores in bleeding gums and attach themselves to the fatty plaques lining the blood vessels in the heart. Once there, they obstruct blood flow, which can lead to a heart attack. 

In both scenarios, infections in the mouth can lead to a life-threatening condition. Although there's no definitive proof yet, there's support for the possibility that the mouth and body connection plays a much larger role in human health and wellness than we've suspected until now.

(Source: DentalHealth)
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