Miracle: Baby's Tumor Proven To Have Shrank After Pope Francis Kissed Her

Does God still perform miracles today?  Are there still miraculous healings done in this age of the church?  Can we still expect miraculous healings that Jesus and the apostles performed in the New Testament?  

These are the most common questions of many people including christians. Many of us just wish and hope it happens. We think there is no way to grab a hold of miracles and make them happen however, that's not what the Bible teaches.

A 14-month-old girl from Philadelphia is one of those few people who proves that miracles do happen. Gianna Masciantonio is making an amazing recovery from a rare brain tumor after getting a kiss from Pope Francis when the pontiff visited the state on September.

Thanks to a family friend who worked as an FBI agent, who tipped off Kristen of Pope Francis’ planned stopping point.

Last week, her parents said that the tumor has shrunk significantly.

Gianna's father Joe Masciantonio said his daughter’s tumor was “basically gone” after many rounds of surgery and chemotherapy. 

The infant's brain tumor was thought to be inoperable, and doctors had given her only months to live. According to PhillyVoice.com, the tumor formed after her blood cells attacked her brain stem weeks after she was born.

Joe was hesitant at first if they will let Gianna go to meet the pope. He was worried about his daughter’s immune system, which was already weakened by radiation and going out on a hectic day, but her doctor encouraged them to go.

The Philadelphia Police Department waved the pope mobile over and the Pope saw the family, Joe told the news.

Looking at brain scans from August and November, the later MRI shows almost no evidence of Gianna’s tumor.

Doctors have not offered any other medical explanation about the tumor shrinking, and Gianna's family is calling the girl’s encounter with the pontiff “the Miracle on Market Street.”

God is predictable and orderly. He doesn’t do one thing this time and another thing another time. God’s will is for us to walk in blessing.

(Source: NBCnews)
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