Drinking Sodas Can Shorten Your Lifespan By 5 Years

Soft drinks have been linked to a number of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. And now a new study suggests that drinking even a single sugary soda a day can cause cells in your body to age prematurely, thus decreasing your lifespan by 5 years. 

Soft drinks are packed full of sugar and can be linked to diabetes, heart disease and obesity, recent study suggests. The study conducted at the University of California has found that these are not the only dangers of drinking soda. 

The team of researchers believe that this is because of telomeres. Telomeres is the protective units of DNA which simply protect the ends of our chromosomes and, as we grow older, telomeres tend to become shorter. 

The results of the new study show that drinking soda can shorten telomeres at a faster pace.

The length of telomeres within white blood cells has previously been associated with human lifespan. Short telomeres also have been associated with the development of chronic diseases of aging, including heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

While the findings of these studies do not show causation between drinking soda and aging cells, researchers believe that the two are significantly linked. 

They also claimed that soda's effect on telomeres can be compared to the effect caused by smoking. Scary, right?
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