12 Reasons Why You Need To Start Avoiding Energy Drinks

You have to admit it that energy drinks are convenient. If you feel hammered after a gym workout, fading at the end of a long day at the office, or need a boost to get you through a long study session or meeting, you can just pop the lid or tab on an energy drink bottle and you’ll feel the energy flow in no time.

The problem is you’re getting much more than just an energy. A lot of sports drinks out there contain ingredients that make these beverages do more harm than good. While it’s true that they have electrolytes, sports drinks also pack a lot of things that you don’t want.

Read on to know some of the reasons why you should guzzle down water rather than sports drinks.

Caffeine prevents sleep. We all know that. If you’re working at night or have to study for an exam, you may turn towards an energy drink. However, when overused, energy drinks can lead to insomnia, causing drowsiness, poor concentration and lack of productivity at work.

Excessive usage of caffeine may result in withdrawal symptoms, which include severe headaches. If you keep changing your intake, chances are the frequency of headaches you experience will drastically increase.

You can get addicted to energy drinks and caffeine. This may result in lack of concentration, inability to work properly and drowsiness during work hours if energy drinks are not consumed regularly. You become dependent on caffeine.

Nervous problems
Excessive use of caffeine and energy drinks may cause jitters and anxiety. People become more fidgety when they are high on caffeine and this can result in emotional problems and severely affect one’s social, professional and personal life. 

High-risk activity
A study published in The Journal of American College Health indicated that teenagers are more likely to get involved in risky activity when they are high on caffeine. This could increase their risk of going to jail or suffering from an injury.

Cardiac arrest
While this may not take place in people with completely healthy hearts, people with any type of heart condition may be at risk. Studies show that people with underlying heart conditions have suffered a cardiac arrest by consuming just a few energy drinks. Therefore, before drinking an energy drink or a beverage high in caffeine, make sure your heart is healthy. 

Type-2 diabetes
Energy drinks consist of heaps of sugar, which may impair the insulin producing cells in your pancreas, thus, resulting in type-2 diabetes.

Drug exposure
Some energy drinks consist of ingredients that may interfere with prescription medication, particularly those taken to relieve depression.

Allergic reactions
The amount of ingredients in energy drinks can increase a person’s likelihood of having an allergic reaction, in case he or she is allergic to any of the ingredients present in the drink. 

Over consumption of energy drinks may even result in vomiting. Vomiting too much may cause acid erosion of the esophagus and teeth and dehydration.

There are healthier alternatives to boost your energy levels such as coconut water, fresh juices and just milk.

If you think that the best way to replace lost is drinking sports drinks, think again. Nothing can beat water when it comes to hydrating your body after working out. 

(Source: HealthyAlberta)
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