What These Selfless Kids Did To Save Their Dad Will Surely Make You Cry

We all know for a fact that parents would do anything for their children. You can never question a parent's love.

How about the ability of the children in helping and comforting their parents? How far their love could go for the sake of their parent's survival?

Last August, a Chinese man, Wang Xiyong was seriously burnt when he
got into a freak accident after being struck by an arc light from high-tension cables.

Mr Wang, 30, was immediately sent to the hospital but got burns covering 91 percent of his body.

His less-than-fortunate family faced medical bills that could potentially run up to one million Yuan (£100,000).

His wife, Li Changmei, started using all means possible in order to raise funds to save his husband while Wang was being looked after at the intensive care unit in Neijiang Number 1 People's Hospital.
Over the last two months, the father of two underwent three skin grafts. However, it wasn’t enough to cover all his injuries.

On September 16, doctors told Li that her husband must receive a skin transplant as soon as possible; otherwise he would run into medical difficulties.

Considering the family's financial situation, the hospital suggested one of the members to donate their scalp for the grafting. 

Li wanted doctors to take her own scalp, but was informed that using the scalp from a blood relative would be safer, which would also give Wang a better chance at recovery.

After the doctors ensured Li that her children's skin would grow back after a week's time, she decided to put them through surgery.

She was reluctant at first but since there's no other choice, Li talked to her kids, aged eight and six if they could donate their scalp to their father.

Without hesitation, the children agreed and the luckily, the surgery was successful.
The two children have reportedly recovered from surgery and are now back to school and Mr. Wang received the skin grafting operation this week and is currently in recovery.

(Source: TheDailyPedia)
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