This Girl Was Afraid To Go To The Beach, When She Did Everyone Was Shocked!

Most teenagers have concerns about being accepted by their peers. Social issues encountered in childhood can become worse in adolescence, with the intensity of any rejection or bullying increasing during the teenage years.

This rejection can negatively affect both academic performance and emotional health. 
Trying to figure out where you belong in social groups, figuring out your ever-changing body type and trying to boost that constantly low self-esteem can be extremely difficult to some teenagers. How much more if you have a disease that holds you back?

Meet Sara Gebert, a New Jersey teen who is suffering from Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, a rare disease that prohibits her to keep food or drink down her stomach.

For two years now, the 19-year-old can't eat anything or drink anything, because if she does, she will just throws up her food. 

When she was younger, she would throws up for 60 times a day, eventhough she haven't eaten at all. That is why she gets all her nutrition intravenously.

To avoid throwing up, especially in public, she needs to drain her stomach most of the time. Sara had an abdominal surgery, and an ileostomy bag, a jejunal feeding tube, and an appendicostomy all attached outside her stomach to help her function better.
Her condition has the word "pseudo" in it because there isn't actually anything blocking her intestines, yet her body acts as if there is. Not everyone believes in her suffering, though.

In fact, she's quite afraid to go to places that will need for her, to show her 'accessories'. 
Lately, she faced her ultimate fear after going to the beach full of people, wearing only her two-piece and clearly showing her dangling 'accessories' outside her stomach.

Obviously, normal people will see it as different or maybe gross, the fact that the food she had taken through her IV is visible to anybody.

However, Sara learned that having this disease is a thing that she should never be ashamed of. In fact, she wrote a letter to one person who made her realize how unique she was, when that person talked to her about her different situation and compliment her bikini.

With this, Sara was motivated to do the things she wasn't able to do in the past because of her disease.
More than anything, she just wants to be "treated like any normal person," she said. She's not embarrassed about her condition, but others are, she said.
"I'd just like to be treated the same way I was before I got sick."

(Source: Danified)
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