The Real Story Behind The Kneeling Mother

Two days ago, netizens were baffled after seeing a photo of a mother kneeling down in front of her daughter, all because of an expensive phone.

The old woman, who they referred as disabled, was allegedly asking for forgiveness from her daughter because they can't afford to buy an iPhone.

Today, a Facebooker namely as Chalee Bee Ngam, clearly stated that it was just a misunderstanding on the part of the one who took the photograph.

On his timeline, Ngam posted the censored photo of the mother and daughter and told everyone to stop spreading lies.

He said that the guy who posted the original photo, already apologizes because he only made up the story, for these two were just plain talking. 

It was known that the woman who was the girl's step mom was disabled and can't walk like a normal person do and usually moves around, kneeling.

A friend who knows the girl, stepped up and made it clear to everybody that the story was indeed, not true.

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