Prestigious Award From Princess of Thailand Goes to Pinoy teacher

Being a teacher is a noble profession as it is, but there are a select few who go beyond their call of duty.

A teacher from General Santos City, Philippines, William Egot Moraca does more than just hand out pencils and paper as principal of Klolang Elementary School.

He has gone to the extent of installing a windmill to bring electricity to his far-flung community and with these, he was choosen as one of the awardee for The Princess Maha Chakri Award in Thailand.
The Princess Maha Chakri Award has been established in commemoration of the 60th birthday anniversary of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in 2015.

It is intended to honor highly dedicated Southeast Asian teachers whose accomplishments make significant contributions to education and human development and who deserve international recognition. 

The criteria, as specified by Thailand government’s Public Relations Department, include current active involvement in the education sector, initiatives that have produced “developmental changes” among the student body and their fellow teachers, and list of accomplishments that led to “education and human development”.

Their outstanding achievements that generated benefits to education and human development had earned them a medal, a certificate of honor, and a check for 10,000 US dollars.

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Moraca, as recommended by Department of Education Undersecretary Alberto Muyot, perfectly fits every criterion. As the head teacher of  Datal Salvan Elementary School and, eventually, Klolang Elementary School, Moraca went above and beyond his primary responsibilities by devising ways to provide electricity and water not only to the educational institutions he lead but also to the rest of his geographically challenged community.

In an interview with QLF Thailand as shown in the video below, the 46-year-old educator shared that he used magnetic field force to direct the water source from the falls down to the river and all the way to the whole community. Using a customized water system, the water being generated is 1.2 liters per second.

During the same interview, Moraca also revealed their plight in terms of electricity. Since their area receives little amount of sunlight, Moraca improvised solar panels that only need a short time for battery charging.

The award recognizes the outstanding works of teachers, who come from the 11 member countries of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO).

(Source: KickerDaily
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