One Man Solely Salutes The National Anthem While Others Ignore

Do you still remember back when you were a kid how every morning before the school day starts, we used to attend on our 'flag ceremony', where we sang the national anthem and recites the "Panatang Makabayan." 

We sang and stood at attention, and if one wore a hat or a cap, it was removed. The customary salute should be practised by standing straight and putting one's right hand to his left chest while the national anthem is playing. Nowadays, people seems to not care if the national anthem is played during a certain event. Some will probably stand and salute but most will just continue what they're doing. 

That is why, it's hard to admit that we are being disrespectful towards our country. But an unidentified man wanted to make a difference when he solely stopped and salutes to the Philippines National Anthem, while other people continued walking inside a mall. One netizen named Un Nah Lou captured the patriotic moment and uploaded the photo on Facebook which immediately became viral and received numerous praises.

 "This person is a man with integrity, patriotism in our country. Brave and pure blooded Pinoy." The caption spares little details on what really happened but the photo says it all. The incident reportedly happened on one of the malls in Bacolod City during the 2015 MassKara Festival. It can be seen that the mall was crowded with onlookers but despite of being aware that Lupang Hinirang is playing, 
ignored the song and continued with their activities. In a following update, the poster later then identified the man as 'Sir Edwin Mendoza'. 

As the old saying goes, no good deed goes unnoticed. Netizens praised Mendoza for his patriotic act. Some even concluded that maybe he was a soldier because this kind of patriotism is rarely seen nowadays. If you were put on this position, would you do the same thing this man had done?

(Source: Facebook)
One Man Solely Salutes The National Anthem While Others Ignore One Man Solely Salutes The National Anthem While Others Ignore Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on 7:07 AM Rating: 5
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