How To Improve Your Vision Within 30 Days

Our eye is an organ of vision and it plays a very important role in our life.

Because of our eyes, we appreciate the surrounding world that we know of.

The main importance of our eyes is that we used it in almost every activities we perform everyday, that is why, good vision is critical and essential in order to conduct the daily routine that we have. 

However, in today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time to really take care of our eyes.

But did you know you can improve your eyesight without contacts or glasses?

 Here are some ways to improve your sense of sight within 30 days:

1. Wear sunglasses for it shield your eyes away from harmful rays of sun.

2. Wash your eyes as often as 5 times a day to remove impurities that might hiding on the lids
3. Do The Pinhole Effect, that allows you to see clearly in the long distance, instantly. It works by blocking out light rays coming from all different angles, only allowing light rays to enter the eye head-on. 

4. Wear your glasses less for it tire out the visual system causing blurry vision and further eyesight deterioration.

5. Step outdoors direct sunlight so that your natural vision can improve dramatically. The more light that lands on an object, the easier it is to see.

6. Get your Vitamin D on because this is the key to improving your vision since a deficiency of the vitamin has been scientifically linked to macular degeneration in middle-aged subjects.

7. Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which is a major contributor to loss of long distance vision. The symptoms of CVS are:

- Eye strain

- Dry or itchy eyes

- Pain looking out the corner of your eye

- Headaches, neck ache and pain behind your eyes

- Problems shifting focus from the monitor to paperwork

- Increased sensitivity to light

- Difficulty focusing on the screen

8. Try to get around eight hours of sleep a night because if your eyes are well-rested, they will be in much better condition.

(Source: Rebuildyourvision)
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