8 Signs That Will Let You Know You've Been Food Poisoned.

The leftovers in the fridge smelled a little weird, but you went ahead and ate them. You were so hungry, you didn't even heat them up. A couple of hours later, you started to feel sick. Powerful waves of pain rumbled through your stomach. They went away, but not for long. Then you even threw up!

That sounds like a case of food poisoning. No one put poison in your food, but bacteria probably grew in the food in the fridge and those bacteria made you sick. 

The symptoms of food poisoning can vary depending on what sort of bug you might be dealing with, but there are definitely some characteristic signs that show up in most cases.

Here, then, are some of the most common food poisoning symptoms, and some of their most likely causes:

1. Vomiting
Vomiting is one of the most common signs of food poisoning. This makes sense, because if you ate something bad, your body is going to try to get it out. Sending it back out the same way it came in is the best way to accomplish that.

2. Diarrhea
Diarrhea is another common food poisoning symptom. Unlike the common LBM, feces during diarrhea when poisoned becomes watery bloody.

3. Headache
Yes, even a headache can be a sign of food poisoning, but usually it will occur in combination with some of the other symptoms described here. 

4. Abdominal Pain / Abdominal Cramping
It may not be so easy to isolate abdominal pain caused by cramping from some other type of abdominal pain. Nevertheless, this can be a symptom of some of these foodborne illnesses.

5. Nausea
Nausea can range anywhere from a mild queasiness to vomiting and severe abdominal cramping. Like headache, it will likely present itself in conjunction with some of the other symptoms.

6. Fever
Because the bacteria that transmit the illness are generally (but not always) causing an infection, one of the most common symptoms of food poisoning is a fever. Sometimes it's mild but often a persistent fever may occur.

7. Dehydration
Dehydration can be caused by vomiting and diarrhea, so it's another symptom that's difficult to distinguish on its own.

8. Muscle Pain / Muscle Cramping
Another reason people sometimes mistake food poisoning for the flu is that the flu can cause muscle aches, and so can some forms of food poisoning. Most common muscle cramping when attacked by food poisoning is severe back pain.

Food poisoning can be mild and last just a short time or can be more serious. Just make sure that your foods are freshly cooked when eaten to avoid being a victim.

(Source: CulinaryArts)
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