Best Home Remedies To Eliminate For Pink Eye (Sore Eyes) Effectively

A common cause of sore eyes is conjunctivitis (or pink eye), but the problem can also be caused by an infection, allergies, too much sun exposure, eye fatigue, or contact lens wear.

This causes the eye (eyes) to become swollen, red and extremely itchy. It can also cause mucus production that’s so bad, it actually cements the eyelids together while you’re sleeping.
For kids especially, this is not nice and can be quite upsetting for a young infant.

Pinkeye can spread rapidly through a household, which is why action is needed immediately to stop the initial infection.

Many people choose not to treat pink eye at all because it usually goes away within a week to ten days. However, this is not recommended as it can be highly contagious and if you or your child does have conjunctivitis, it means your immune system has also been compromised and severely weakened.

Here's the all-time best home remedy for conjunctivitis, along with other potent home remedies for pink eye that are sure way to treat and cure this awful problem for good.

Studies have confirmed honey’s healing properties. The application of honey significantly reduced the amount of bacteria found on and around the eye in patients that suffer from dry eyes. It rapidly clears wound infection with minimal adverse effects, and also possible in promoting healing with minimal scar formation.

Dissolve raw honey and salt in pure warm water. Don’t get the water too hot or it may destroy some of the beneficial properties. If your water is not super pure (reverse osmosis, distilled, etc), consider boiling it and allowing it to cool before creating your mixture. Using a clean dropper, place a 1-2 drops in each eye every few hours as needed.

Research claims that a particular antibody in the breast milk, called immunoglobulin A, prevents the pink eye bacteria from attaching to the mucosal surface of the eye. This limits the growth of the bacteria, helping to end the eye infection.

Squirt a little breast milk directly onto the surface of the eye. Lift your eyelid slightly to help the breast milk circulate underneath. Continue this treatment three times a day for a couple of days, or until the eye infection has cleared.

Silver solutions has been used for so long to treat eye infections. Silver nitrate drops were routinely used in newborn’s eyes to prevent certain types of bacterial infection. In some hospitals they are still used, but most doctors prefer the ointment because silver nitrate can cause irritation.
Those who rave about this remedy typically say they use 1-2 drops in each eye.

Black and green teas are good for any eye irritation or inflammation for it contains bioflavonoids that fight viral and bacterial infections and reduce inflammation. A moist teabag on affected eye for several minutes, 3-4 times a day, will help ease the infection. If possible, use black tea due to the tannis that can reduce inflammation more quickly. For an eyewash, use a weak solution of tea.
Some individuals add a little salt to their tea as it brews to boost the astringent quality.

Saline (salt water) eye drops are often recommended for pink eye. Some store bought brands contain lubricants and other medications for various conditions, but you can make a simple solution at home. 
Boil one cup of distilled water with one half teaspoon (up to one teaspoon) of salt and let the liquid cool completely before using. Distilled water is recommended since tap water can contain chemicals and impurities. Use an eye cup or an eye dropper to rinse the eye with the cooled salt solution. After rinsing, apply some gentle eye cream that will help soothe the delicate skin of the eyelids but should be kept out of the eyes to avoid further irritation.

To reduce pain and to remove the discharge of bacterial or viral pinkeye, use a cold or warm compress on the eyes. Make sure to use a different clean washcloth for each eye to prevent spreading any infection. Clean the eye from drainage by wiping from the inside to the outside of the eye area.

Using raw potato on your eyes several times a day will reduce the swelling due to its astringent properties.

These good bacteria are powerful because they fight and kill “bad” bacteria that cause the infection, by increasing the number of “good” bacteria in the infected area. Milk and yogurt contains probiotics. 
Just soak a cotton ball on milk and carefully dab it on the affected eyes. Repeat it several times a day until the redness disappears.

This perennial plant has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent properties. It also contains berberine that fights infection, and kills the bacteria that cause conjunctivitis.

Make a warm solution of 2 teaspoons of goldenseal and a cup of boiled water. For eye drops, mix chamomile, comfrey, 1/8 teaspoon of goldenseal, and a cup of boiled water. It should steep for 15 minutes. After you strain it, use it as eye drops.

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