10 Facts That Made Antonio Luna The Bad-Assed General Every Country Would Want To.

Antonio Luna de San Pedro y Novicio Ancheta, born on October 29, 1866 was the fiery-tempered but brilliant military strategist of President Emilio Aguinaldo who fought during the Philippine-American war.

Also known as Artikulo Uno, he was the brother of the famous painter Juan Luna.
Antonio Luna studied Bachelor of Arts at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, studied pharmacy at the Univerity of Santo Tomas, but finished it in Barcelona, Spain. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine at the Central University of Madrid, and studied further in France and Belgium.
At the age of 31, he was shot dead in Cabanatuan in a treacherous attack led by a disgruntled Filipino Sergeant.

Other than his untimely demise, we should not forget that Luna was a man who had many impressive achievements during his lifetime. In fact, reading about his life gives us the impression of a very human hero who initially refused to use his talent for the Revolution.

But little do we know who really was Antonio Luna and what did he exactly contributed to the Philippines' history for him to be praised as one of the country's greatest heroes.
Below are the 10 facts that made Luna the bad-assed general every country would want to.

1. He was a scientist.
Aside from his military prowess, Luna was also a very learned man. His paper on chemistry won him top prize while he was studying literature and chemistry at the University of Sto. Tomas.  
Moreover, Luna’s scientific paper on malaria was very well-received and he was even given a commission by the Spanish to study tropical and communicable diseases. When he went back to the Philippines, he won the contest to become the chief chemist of the Municipal Laboratory of Manila.

2. He was a brilliant writer.
Luna was also an excellent writer. In fact, he wrote under the pen name Taga-ilog which he used to publish his articles in La Solidaridad while staying in Spain.
One of his works, Madrid Impressions, generated controversy after it criticized the Spaniards for looking down on the Filipinos. 
Prior to the outbreak of the Philippine-American War, he also founded the newspaper La Independencia and became its editor and a regular contributor.

3. He had his own elite group of soldiers.
Although Antonio Luna wanted to turn the Philippine Army in which at the time composed mostly of untrained volunteer, into a real professional fighting force.
However, the outbreak of the Philippine-American War prevented him from training everyone. But he still took instructing a small group of soldiers into becoming his own personal professional sharpshooters known as the ‘Luna Sharpshooters,’ a group of deadly marksmen achieved a reputation for fighting fiercer than the rest of their compatriots.

4. He was an expert marksman and martial artist.
Antonio Luna was a fencing teacher at the Sala de Armas, a school which he and his brother, Juan, opened on Calle Alix (now Legarda St.), in Sampaloc district, Manila. 
He was an avid student of martial arts and military tactics, having practiced the art of arnis, fencing, and shooting since his college days. It is said that Luna was prolific with the gun and rifle that he could put out a candle in one shot.

5.  He and Rizal almost had a duel.
While in Spain, both men courted the half-French, half-Filipina beauty Nelly Boustead, although it was soon clear that she was infatuated with Rizal. Reports claims that a drunken Luna made some unsavory remarks towards her in a Filipino party where Rizal was also a guest.

6. He created the Luna Line.
With the help of his aide, the Chief of the Army Engineers General Jose Alejandrino, Luna constructed a series of three-layered bamboo trenches which came to be known as the Luna Line.
American soldiers who came upon the trenches were amazed at the constructions, which stretched for several miles from town to town. And even when they finally took the trenches, they still had to contend with the traps—which included bamboo spikes and poisonous snakes—which the wily Filipinos had carefully hidden.

7. He helped established the first military academy for Filipinos.
Due to his desire to build a professional army, he gained permission from Aguinaldo to set up a military academy in Malolos. He recruited veteran officers of the Filipino-Spanish War as instructors and instilled a strong sense of discipline among the recruits which also included soldiers from the same war.

8.  He planned to build a guerrilla fortress in the Mountain Province.
Of course, the defensive lines were just a precursor to Luna’s grand plan: an impenetrable guerrilla fortress in the elevated terrains of the Mountain Province. This fortress would be self-sufficient and serve as the rebels’ base of operations with which to attack Manila and other American-occupied areas.

9. He was frightening even in his death.
Luna was right to call his murderers “Assassins and cowards.” Ganging up on him, they inflicted more than 30 bullet and stab wounds on the hapless general, causing his intestines to hang out of his abdomen. Through it all, Luna fought back and tried to aim his revolver at his assailants.

He continued gritting his teeth and clenching his fist in anger even when he slumped to the ground. Before he finally died, he instinctively turned to his right side. The reflex scared his attackers—who thought that Luna might get up—that those in the front quickly stepped back, causing those behind them to fall down. If anything, the incident shows not just how cowardly his assassins were, but also how fearsome Luna was to the very end.

10. Even the Americans admired him.
Even though the Americans had a low regard for the Filipino rebels, their generals still held a begrudging respect for Luna.

After hearing of his untimely death, many paid tribute to the fallen general. General Frederick Funston, the man who planned the capture of President Emilio Aguinaldo, remarked that he was “the ablest and most aggressive leader of the Filipino Republic.”
Undoubtedly, Antonio Luna was one of the most admired heroes in our history and forever will be remembered as the bravest and fiercest general the Philippines once had.

(Source: Wikipedia
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